Origins of Craps

Craps online is an incredibly popular dice game that has been played in casinos almost since the gambling houses have existed. With its exciting gameplay and nuanced betting strategies, it's no wonder the history of craps is woven throughout the ages, stretching across continents.

The Origins of the Game

No one is certain of the exact history of casino card games, as its history may stretch back for centuries. There are two competing theories about the origins of the game. The prevailing theory is that craps as we know it evolved from a game slots games online called Hazards. This popular dice game was played in the 12th Century by leaders of the Crusades and may have been based on an Arabic game called Al Zar. Craps history may stretch back even further as a competing theory states that the game is based on an Egyptian dice game from 2600 BC. Pinpointing its exact origins may be impossible, as the similarities between craps and other common dice games are many.

Developing Craps as We Know It

The Online games, Hazards, was quite popular throughout the history of Europe. It was played frequently in 17th-century taverns in England, played by the French nobility as Crabs, and carried over to the New World with colonial Americans. It wasn't until the 19th century that the game came to more closely resemble the craps we play in casinos to this day. John H. Winn created a table layout in order to simplify bets and made it possible for bets to be placed for or against the shooter.

Today, players can enjoy the culmination of craps history from the comfort of their own homes. Online casinos offer craps to anyone who wants to log in, play, and become part of the long history of craps.